How to Select the Right Diamond Engagement Ring

The day you get to pop up the important question as you kneel before the person you want to marry is very special. That's why you want to send the right message of commitment with the perfect choice of an engagement ring. So, what makes for the best custom diamond engagement rings? Always identify the diamond ring elements that are important to you and the bride-to-be.

Below are some important considerations to look at:


Shape defines how the rock looks like from a physical perspective. And when it comes to selecting the ideal shape of a diamond engagement ring, there are many options, such as round, cushion, as well as princess. There's a special meaning and significance to each shape, so it's important you know what message you want to convey prior to selecting the perfect shape for your engagement ring.


Carat is a measure of the weight of the rock rather than size. Of course, a diamond ring with more carats will cost higher as it weighs more. When shopping for your diamond earrings , consider the number of carats it has and balance that with your budget.


Likewise, color is one of the most important diamond ring aspects to consider when shopping for the ideal rock to give to someone you hope to spend the rest of your life with. Typically, the color element is a measure of how colorless the rock is. For example, stud earrings with diamonds with a higher color grade will have a more colorless or whitish appearance. On the other hand, a rock that has a lower color grade will exhibit more visible coloration rather than whiteness.


The cut specification for a diamond ring indicates its overall brilliance. For example, you'll get superior sparkle when there's great cut. With a great cut, maximum refraction of light is achieved, leading to more brilliance for your rock.


The clarity of a diamond ring implies the number of inclusions or imperfections it bears. A ring with fewer inclusions is considered to be of a higher grade due to the better sparkle it produces. Balanced well with other aspects, clarity makes for a high quality rock.    

Diamond engagement rings are great jewelry pieces you can wear with a sense of pride. However, it's important to select a rock that satisfies your custom requirements, and some of the important diamond engagement ring customization aspects to consider include carat, shape, clarity, cut, and color.