Important Jeweler Guarantees to Demand When Buying a Diamond Ring

Are you looking to buy beautiful jewelry, such as diamond rings? The majority of jewelers give a set of warranty and/or guarantees for every piece bought from them. There are numerous offers, such as return/trade-in guarantees that a buyer may find valuable. But when reviewing the guarantee/warranty policies of a jeweler, it's important to ascertain that value is being offered before you can make a purchase.

Here are some important aspects a buyer should scrutinize to determine the value of any warranty or guarantees that a jeweler may offer with every purchase:

In-Writing Guarantee

Insist on a warranty or guarantee that's written as opposed to a verbal promise. A number of jewelers will make promises that are difficult to enforce if broken because there's no paperwork that supports them.

Read and Understand the Fine Print

On top of free cleanings and inspections, ascertain what specifically any warranty covers. Keep in mind that many jeweler guarantees do not cover theft, damage, or loss, even when they might seem to at first. In most cases, a jeweler guarantee is no substitute for insurance.

Also, most written promises don't cover costs arising from any work that's necessary following free inspection. Will the guarantee become void in case another jeweler fixes, modifies, or cleans the piece covered under your warranty?

Insist on Value

It's true that some warranty will provide value to the jewel buyer. However, most are marketing tools meant to maintain customer loyalty. For instance, by keeping out other jewelers from handling, fixing, or caring for your gold diamond stud earrings and diamond ring in any way, a jeweler will be trying to ensure you can only go to them for service. Likewise, free cleaning and inspections are motivations meant to guarantee business to the jeweler when problems are identified during the process. Such promises are not bad in themselves, but they should be offered to suit customers' rather than the jeweler's best interests.

Understand Your Obligations Under Any Guarantee

Make sure you know what you need to do or avoid doing to keep any offered warranty/guarantee valid. Ensure that the proposed obligations are the type you can meet not to jeopardize the validity of any after-sale jeweler commitments.

Jewelry, such as diamond rings , is quite an investment. That's why any buyer would wish to have certain guarantees of service, quality, and value before buying any piece. Always read the fine print and understand your obligations and the value that any jeweler guarantee offers.